When the crooked old sun
Comes burning up your back wall.
I heave my rope toward the shore,
Steer the rudder once more.

When the morning is sole and same,
In the morning I’ll call your name.
Punctuate that stormy dream,
The ascending arc of warmth is me.

Stretching out along the hillside,
Burning hot against your skin.
Lonely ghost haunting the coastline,
Has your face fallen again?

I’m standing with you, side by side.
The sweetest wine will meet my seared kiss,
Take your love and I will shield it.
I’m standing with you, side by side.
You’re pouring scorn, scorn, scorn,
Your sorrow eyes, soft and sore.
I’m sending sweet stings to your door,
From those wild places.

Well god damn, the night!
Say, can you dig that moonlight?
In the babbling brook we shook, we conspired,
Let the cool water quell my desire.

‘Til that sun found us again,
Burning hot against our skin.
Lonely shadow on the coastline,
I do believe she is my twin.