I have neglected you.

But you bros are in my heart. Thumbs up, bros!

I’ve been working pretty hard whilst I’ve been out of sight. I promise.

It feels like I should probably be a little more pro-active when it comes to Twitter and Tumblr and whatnot, and then maybe I might be a little bit better at ‘promoting my brand’. However, it isn’t all that easy to do any of this when your 'brand’ is 'relatively uninteresting music guy’…and folks, I’m not the kind of man that would want to fill up your timelines or feeds with pictures of what I eat or anything of that nature. But then that’s mostly because I’m on a strict diet of chicken, dumbbells and lesser songwriters right now.

Anyways there’s quite a lot of TOKOLOSH news to come regarding releases and shows for 2013. Also, and this is a little unexpected, I’ve been writing a few bits that could only really be considered for another solo record. But that’s very early days. It’s an exciting time.

Hope you’re well.

Liam x