New Music

Hello folks,

I promised in my last post that at some point soon I’d be talking about new music. Well, here it is.

Back in September 2010, all of you that saw me on tour will know that those shows were going to be my last for a while. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of writing…and the plan will be to release another solo album in the near future. However, at the time of that tour I was making plans to start a band! It’s taken a little while for it to get going, but we’re finally at a point where we want you to hear some of it!

As a few of you will know, my band for the second album shows consisted of several members of another great local group - The Earlies. We started talking about doing something together, and eventually holed ourselves up at their studio in Colne, near Burnley. The band currently consists of myself, Christian and Nicky Madden, and Richard Young. Our great friend Nathan Sudders of The Whip has also been coming in to supply lovely ideas and top notch bass lines.

The plan is for us to be playing shows in the New Year. But for now, you can find two songs from the band at THIS LINK.

We’re really into what we’ve been doing so far, and we hope that you enjoy it also.

Speak soon,

Liam x