Liam Frosting

So a couple of weeks ago I spotted this post on Twitter from an account under the name of @sugarbunsisters. The post in question told me that whoever this was had posted two photos over at Facebook in an album called “Liam Frosting”. As you can imagine, I was more than a little inquisitive.

It turns out that the Sugar Bun Sisters are two lovely ladies from Manchester that run a cupcake company. They also happen to be fans of my music, so much so that they had decided to make a cupcake in my name.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Liam Frosting.



That’s a white chocolate ganache inside…yeah, I know, I love white chocolate too.

I got in touch with them, keen to try these wonderful looking cupcakes that had been made in my name. After all, last week was my birthday and I hadn’t seen much in the way of a birthday cake. Tiny violins?


Anyway, we agreed to meet up a few days later to have a chat about everything they’re up to, and they had also promised to bring me some of their cupcakes. They showed up with a box of Liam Frostings, plus another four from the range.


Of course, the cakes are all gone now…and all I can say is that they’re brilliant. Go and have a look at what they do, maybe order some if you fancy. I mean what’s not to like? IT’S CAKE.

Here’s their website, Twitter and Facebook.

Promise I’ll start writing about new music soon…